Usage Guide


This document outlines the basic client usage of IUS. For common questions regarding IUS please see the FAQs. Legal stuff can be found in our End User Agreement.

Package Categories

IUS packages will fall into two different categories.

Package Types

IUS packages will be one of two different types.


Configuration steps can be found in our getting started guide.

Installing IUS Packages

There are multiple ways to install IUS packages. The best method will depend on the type of package and whether or not the stock equivalent is already installed.

Safe Replacement Packages

Safe replacement packages completely replace their stock equivalents, and cannot be installed at the same time. If the stock equivalent of an IUS package is not already installed, then you can just directly install the desired package.

asciinema demo

yum install redis30u

If the stock/EPEL equvalent of an IUS package is already installed, you must uninstall it first. If other packages depend on your installed stock package, you may need to perform the removal and installation in a single transaction. The native yum way to do this is via yum shell.

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yum shell
> erase mysql-libs
> install mysql56u mysql56u-libs mysql56u-server mysqlclient16
> run

IUS also maintains the yum replace plugin to simplify this process. It is available in our repositories.

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yum install yum-plugin-replace
yum replace php --replace-with php56u

In EL7, there are a few more options that are available. Yum got an update to include the swap subcommand.

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yum swap dovecot dovecot22u

There is another option in the new DNF package manager. The flag --allowerasing allows you erase conflicting packages in the same transaction.

Note: DNF is not yet available in base RHEL. See this FAQ for more information.

asciinema demo

dnf --allowerasing install git2u

Parallel Installable Packages

Parallel packages are specifically designed to coexist with their stock equivalent. This means that they can be directly installed just like any other package.

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yum install python34u

Reverting To Stock Packages

If you want to switch from an IUS package back to the stock equivalent, you can just reverse the process you used to install it. For example, you can switch the erase/install commands in yum shell, or change the order of package sets specified to the replace plugin.

Using Testing Repositories

New packages requests and package updates appear in the testing repositories before graduating to the stable repositories. While we do not recommend using the testing repositories in production, there may be a time when you need use them.

asciinema demo

yum --enablerepo=ius-testing install php56u-pecl-uploadprogress