We at the IUS Community Project take great pride in our packaging, and aim to offer the best user experience.

See what some of our users have to say about us.

User Testimonials

Jason Garber - Senior Systems Engineer, AppCove, Inc.

Imagine being able to combine the rock-solid stability of RedHat Enterprise Linux (or Oracle, Centos, Scientific) with the latest versions of popular software packages like PHP, Python, MySQL, mod_wsgi, redis, and others?

The IUS Community Project is the answer.

Enterprise Linux is great for the stability, security, and compatibility. But sometimes you need a newer version of an installed package, like Python. At the time of this writing, RedHat is still not providing any standard way to obtain Python 3.2, MySQL 5.5, or PHP 5.4, years after they have been released.

The IUS Community project has provided AppCove, Inc. and all of our clients the perfect mix of stability and functionality. IUS has enabled us to focus on our core competencies (software development) while being confident that the packages we use are as secure and up-to-date as possible.

Our confidence in the IUS team is second to none. AppCove has worked in close conjunction with the IUS team on several occasions, and they have always been impeccably experienced, knowledgeable, and professional.

We highly recommend that any users of RedHat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Scientific Linux, or Centos Linux take a close look at the IUS Community Project for their servers.

Matt Juszczak - Founder, Bitlancer LLC

Many of our customers hesitate to use RHEL/CentOS because of the lack of recent software versions. I remember that late night when we found the IUS repository and were able to avoid an all-nighter. Not only are the packages in-line with upstream, but they’re centralized, clean, consistent, well-tested, trustworthy, and opt-in.

Just last week, we migrated a large customer from custom-compiled packages to IUS Community, and they’re now avoiding dependency headaches and enjoying up-to-date packages like the rest of us.

Scott Arkin - Founder, eHungry, Inc.

The IUS Community Project has enabled our engineering team to complete a very in-depth infrastructure transition from various operating systems and custom-built software over to a clean, organized, and predictable infrastructure at Rackspace – all without spending a single minute on building, testing or maintaining custom software packages. Furthermore, we have the confidence that our software stack will continue to stay current with the latest security and maintenance updates.

Nicole Rodgers - Vice President of Operations, Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc.

Being able to have our developers spend their time on application development instead of building and installing software has made a significant difference for us. Using acn-linux and the IUS Community Project, our system administrators average less than 30 minutes to go from a freshly created cloud server to a fully secure and functional hosting environment. Because of our heavy use of the IUS Community Project, we are able to redirect approximately $5,000 per year from system administration over to application development.


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