Getting Started


Before using any packages from the IUS Community repositories, you should first read our End User Agreement. Downloading, installing, or using our packages implies that you agree to these terms.

If you are new to IUS, please understand that our packages work a bit differently than you might expect. Please see our usage guide for specific details.

Subscribing to the IUS Repository

Release RPMs are the preferred method of subscribing to an RPM repository because they contain all the necessary configuration and key files to access the repository.

To subscribe a system to the IUS repository, you need to install the ius-release RPM. Please note that ius-release depends on epel-release, because several IUS packages have dependencies from EPEL.

Install via Automation

Automation examples are available at the automation-examples github repository. We also have the bash script from that repository available at

Manual Install


If you are using CentOS, you can skip this step. The epel-release package is available from the CentOS Extras repository (enabled by default) and will be pulled in as a dependency of ius-release automatically.

RHEL users must follow the EPEL documentation and use one of the following links to get the correct release package.


IUS compiles separate packages for RHEL and CentOS. Use one of the following links to get the correct release package.