Inline with Upstream Stable

IUS is a yum repository that provides newer versions of select software for RHEL and CentOS.

Latest software for Enterprise Linux

RHEL typically prioritizes security and stability over adding new features. This results in a secure and stable operating system, but there are times when users are willing to sacrifice some of that stability in order to gain access to the features found in newer software versions.

No automatic replacement of stock packages

Our packages use different names than their stock equivalents, and will not obsolete a stock package name. This ensures that a stock package will not be unexpectedly replaced by an IUS package just because the repository is enabled.

Follows upstream versions

Our packages track the latest upstream versions from their respective upstream projects. They are named in accordance with the upstream major version, and will only be updated to the latest version of that major version branch. They will never be updated to the next major version.